Women & Nonbinary Board Game Designers

In 2018, only 7 games of the top 200 on Board Game Geek had a non-male designer involved. (Wingspan makes 8.) But I got tired of being called "one of very few non-male game designers," because I know there are lots of women and non-binary folks with published board games. I started compiling a list, and ended up with well over 100 over 200!

Additions or corrections?

Please use this form to submit additional designers, or contact me with corrections. For this list I am focusing on active, published designers.

Want to support diversity in board game design?

  • Spread the word about designers who are making boardgaming more diverse, and normalize the idea that game designers can come from any background. If you're invited to be on a panel that's all white men, forward some names to the organizers.
  • Create gaming and playtesting events that will attract new people. Advertise to the public, and hold them in spaces that welcome all. You can't grow the hobby by hanging out with the same people all the time. Also, what if playtesting came with playdates or childcare? What if they didn't run until midnight on a school night?
  • Help new designers network at cons and playtesting events. Think about how intimidating it is to walk into a room where you visibly stand out as different, and try to make it easier on someone else. Introduce them to other designers and to publishers. Play their games.
  • Be aware of casual sexism and racism in gaming, especially when it's not directed at you. Call people on it when you see it. Here are some examples.

Looking to network with other non-male designers?

Check out these Facebook groups: Board Game Broads - Women of Board Game Design - Game Industry Women Only See also: Tabletop Game Professionals of Color

Designers: Western North America

Susan McKinley Ross | California


Susan designed Qwirkle, which won the 2011 Spiel des Jahres and has sold millions of copies. She has many more games, including Hoot Owl Hoot.

Marsha Falco | Arizona


Marsha designed the classics Set, Quiddler, and Five Crowns. Set has now sold more than 10 million copies.

Marisa Peña | Washington

Marisa led the design of more than three dozen award-winning titles at Cranium, including Zooreka, recipient of TOTY’s 2007 Game of the Year award.

Shanon Lyon | Washington


Shanon worked at Cranium with Marisa Peña before they founded the design company Department of Recreation. They co-designed the award-winning Outfoxed.

Nicole Jekich | Washington


Nicole put out her co-design Food Truck Champion before joining the Forrest Pruzan game design studio.

Victoria Caña | Washington


Victoria is co-designer of the game Gladius, and now works full-time as a game producer for Wizards of the Coast.

Sarah Reed | California


Sarah is the co-designer of Oaxaca and Project Dreamscape. You can catch her on the Our Turn! podcast.

Rebecca Bleau | California

Rebecca runs Blue Matter Games and is one of the designers behind escape room games including the Secret of Dr. Gravely's Retreat and Mystery at Stargazer's Manor. She's also an award-winning artist.

Mary Jo Reutter | California

Mary Jo has designed over a dozen published family games including Sumo Ham Slam, Laundry Jumble, and Buck Buck Moose.

Elisa Teague | California


Elisa has an incredibly diverse oeuvre that includes kid-friendly (Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My), trivia (Geek Out!), hobby game (Apocrypha Adventure), puzzles, and RPGs. She also edited the book Girls on Games.

Emma Larkins | Washington


Emma's published games include ...and then we died and Heartcatchers, and she's got more in progress.

Alice Davis | Oregon


Alice is designer of Kitten Klash, Thieves' Den, and Dinos Not Assembled.

Rosie Roberson | Oregon

Rosie has a dozen published family games including Cha-Cha Chihuahua, Say the Word, What's It, and This Big!.

Colleen McCarthy Evans | California

Colleen has co-designed over a dozen published family games with Joyce Johnson, including Sounds Like a Plan and In a Pickle. She is also an award-winning children’s book illustrator.

Joyce Johnson | California

Joyce co-designed over a dozen published family games with Colleen McCarthy Evans, including Sounds Like a Plan and In a Pickle. Her more recent games are collaborations with other designers.

Rachel Simmons | California

Rachel (who continues to work under her former name, Bowen) is a wargame designer whose titles include Napoleon's Triumph and The Guns of Gettysburg. She has twice been a finalist for the James F. Dunnigan Award for outstanding achievement in historical wargames.

Richelle Brady | California


Richie worked at Cryptozoic Entertainment as a designer for Adventure Time Card Wars, Portal, and DC Comics Deckbuilding Game. They currently work at Square Enix as North America Tabletop Games Lead for FINAL FANTASY TCG, Chocobo Party Up!, and Cactpot Party.

Gina Manola | California


Gina is the award-winning designer of the games Feed the Woozle and Race to the Treasure. She also directed ChiTAG's Young Inventor Challenge.

Sarah Graybill | California

@thegraybillion , @BlackStrawGames

Sarah Graybill is half of the design studio Black Straw Games. Their games include Grackles, Animal Crackers, and Rocket Squad.

Stephanie Kwok | British Columbia

Stephanie is co-founder of First Fish Games and co-designer of Get Off My Land!

Kai Jensen | California

Kai is a co-designer of the wargame Combat Commander: Pacific, winner of the Golden Geek award for best wargame in 2009.

Juliana Patel and Ariel Rubin | California


Juliana and Ariel had a successful Kickstarter for their game Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment. Then it got picked up by Mattel.

Malorie Laukat | Utah


Malorie co-founded Red Raven Games and co-designed their recent release Megaland.

Erin Lee Escobedo | Arizona


Erin is the designer of 2018 game Meltwater: A Game of Tactical Starvation.

Teeuwynn Woodruff | Washington


Teeuwynn was a game designer at Wizards of the Coast for over a decade. She has worked in RPGs, puzzles, trading cards, miniatures, and board games, including Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Duelmasters, Dreamblade, AngelQuest, and Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Molly Johnson | Washington


Molly is part of the Flatout design collective. Their first game, Point Salad, will be released soon from AEG.

Gaby Weidling | Washington


Gaby is a puzzle designer and game developer who works at Lone Shark Games. She has worked on the Pathfinder Adventure series and other games.

Lisa Steenson | Washington


Lisa founded Gut Bustin' Games to promote her game Redneck Life. Trailer Park Wars was an Origins Award Nominee in 2008. Her other games include Oh Gnome You Don’t, Cheap Shot, and Creeps of Keister Island.

Jen Ellis | Oregon

@jellispants, @twogetherstudio

Jen is co-founder of Twogether Studios and has worked on all of their titles including Illimat and Phoenix Dawn Command. She designed Action Cats and Action Pups.

Connie Kazmaier | Alberta


Connie and her partner at Steeped Games wanted to make sure their game Chai had global appeal -- so they tested it with over 500 people in 26 countries.

Liz Spain | Washington


Liz works at Lone Shark Games, where she designs card mechanics for games such as the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and Apocrypha. She has also designed LARPs and escape rooms.

Helana Hope | California

Helana is a co-designer of Kingdom Rush: A Rift in Time.

Lizzy Funkhouser | California


Lizzy is a co-designer of The Walking Dead: Something to Fear and Pocket Generals, both releasing in 2019. She also runs The Board Game Spotlight.

Roberta Taylor | Alberta


Roberta is the designer of Octopus' Garden (to be reimplemented as Starfish Kingdom), plus others forthcoming.

Tanis O'Connor | Washington


Tanis O'Connor is a developer at Lone Shark Games, and works on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Karen Knoblaugh | California


Karen's first game, Consumption, draws on her background as a dietician.

Dani Hedlund | Colorado


Dani Hedlund published her first novel at age 18, founded an international literary nonprofit (Tethered by Letters) and an art and literary collection (F(r)iction), and a board game company (Bad Hipster Games). Her first game is Brexit: the Board Game of Second Chances.

Anna-Marie Nelson | Utah

Anna-Marie co-designed Healthy Heart Hospital, released in 2015 by Victory Point Games.

Jenn Sandercock | Washington

Jenn is an Australian game designer living in the US. She has worked primarily in digital games, but recently had a successful Kickstarter for a cookbook of edible analog games.

Liberty Kifer | Washington


Liberty's first design, Crystallo, won 7 awards in a BGG solo print and play game contest. She leveraged that into a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Designers: Central North America

Peggy Brown | Wisconsin

Peggy is a prolific designer of mass-market games with three decades in the toy and game industry.

Kathleen Mercury | Missouri


Kathleen both teaches game design and makes games. You can hear her on podcasts including Our Turn!, On Board Games, and Games in Schools and Libraries.

Carla Kopp | Alabama


Carla is designer of Super Hack Override and Stellar Leap, and developer of several other games published by her company, Weird Giraffe Games.

Adrienne Ezell | Tennessee


Adrienne is an accomplished boardgame graphic designer, and also designs her own games -- including Shogunate and Ventures in the Void.

Anne-Marie De Witt | Texas


Anne-Marie is CEO of Fireside Games and designer or co-designer of titles including Munchkin Panic, Bears!, The Village Crone, and Bloodsuckers.

Kim Vandenbroucke | Illinois


Kim has many published titles including Blue Plate Scramble, Scattergories Categories, and The Build Up. She also consults on games under the wonderful title Brainy Chick.

Mary Couzin | Illinois

@MaryCouzin , @ToysandGames

Mary designed commercially successful game Hollywood's Reel Schpeel before going on to found the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.

Elizabeth LaPensée | Michigan


Elizabeth is an artist, writer, and researcher who designs primarily digital games. She worked with indigenous communities to design a board game called The Gift of Food.

Nikki Valens | Minnesota


Nikki spent 5 years at Fantasy Flight games before becoming a freelance game designer and developer. Their design credits include Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, and Legacy of Dragonholt.

Molly Glover | Minnesota

Molly is a producer and game developer at Fantasy Flight, where's she's worked on many titles; she got co-designer credit on Battle for Rokugan.

Kara Centell-Dunk | Minnesota


Kara is a developer at Fantasy Flight who who has led development of expansions for Mansions of Madness 2ed and did development on many Descent: Journeys in the Dark expansions including the campaign book, Heirs of Blood.

Grace Holdinghaus | Minnesota

Grace is a developer at Fantasy Flight, with co-designer credits on Mansions of Madness 2ed and Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth.

Christienne Hinz | Illinois


Dr. Hinz is studying the gamification of world history pedagogy with computer games, role-playing games, and board games that model the economic systems and socio-political structures of the past.

Mandy Goddard | Indiana


Mandy is co-designer of the games Lotus and Death Note: Confrontation.

Katie Khau | Illinois


Katie is co-designer of the games Windup War and Heifer Heist. She's also a boardgame illustrator, perhaps most notably for My Little Scythe.

Jessica Chu | Illinois


Jessica is co-designer of Windup War and Heifer Heist.

Alisha Volkman | Minnesota


Alisha is an illustrator & game designer. Her game Underlings of Underwing is about color theory and dragons. She’s now working on several other titles including War Torn and Escape from Kraken Cove.

Julie Ahern | Illinois

Julie started out designing educational games before becoming a developer and writer for Greenbrier Games, where she now serves as Chief Operating Officer.

Erica Svanoe | Minnesota


Erica designed Marrying Mr. Darcy, a card game based on the Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice. She is also a composer and conductor.

Cecilia Hyland | Michigan


CC is the co-designer of games including Fleecing Olympus, Istanbul or Constantinople, and Above Snakes.

Kyla McT | Minnesota


Kyla is a game producer with Atlas Games. They put out her design Gloom of Thrones in 2019.

Cara Ryan Heacock | Nebraska

@caramiki , @waterbeargames

Cara's first co-design, Discount Salmon, won the Tabletop Deathmatch in 2014. Other titles from her company Water Bear Games include Beeeees! and Nom Nom Pretzel.

Lorri Hopping | Michigan


After developing educational games for Aristoplay in the 90s, Lorri has created games for companies like Penguin and PBS. Her published titles teach math, history, science, and Shakespeare.

Khiara Foss | Minnesota

@PuzzleyPunk @EnigmaEmporium

Khiara is half of the team behind The Enigma Emporium, a company that creates narrative adventure puzzle games including Wish You Were Here and Blowback. She also works in the escape room industry.

Maxine Ekl | Illinois


Maxine's card-arranging game Stripes was just released by Breaking Games.

Karen Cleveland | Michigan


Karen is a biologist who works for Michigan Department of Natural Resources as a game designer. Her game What in the Wild is being distributed to classrooms across Michigan.

Erin McDonald | Texas


Erin is a co-founder of Kraken Games, and co-designer of Evil Intent, Asking for Trobils, Flippin Monsters, and more forthcoming.

Carla Horger | Ohio

Carla is co-designer of several racing-themed games, including Thunder Alley and Grand Prix. Her 2019 release is titled Dark Domains.

Becca Lafair | Illinois


Becca and her brothers designed Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering Game after they saw the crazy boundaries of their hometown Congressional district. Arnold Schwarzenegger backed their Kickstarter and paid to send copies of the game to all the members of the Supreme Court.

Ellie Skalla | Illinois

Ellie's game Galactiquest won the ChiTAG Young Innovator's Challenge for "Most Marketable Game " when she was in 6th grade. It got picked up by Pressman and is now available at Target.

Designers: Eastern North America

Elizabeth Hargrave | Maryland


I designed Wingspan and the forthcoming games Tussie-Mussie and Mariposas. You're on my website -- have a look around.

Mary Flanagan | New Hampshire


Mary is a professor of game design and author of Critical Play. Her boardgames include Monarch, Visitor in Blackwood Grove, Buffalo, and Mechanica.

Suzanne Kabrt-Zinsli | New Jersey


Suzanne is co-designer of the games Tessen, Cobras, and Ceylon, and provides amazing resources for designers through Cardboard Edison.

Kristin Looney | Maryland


Kristin is CEO of game company Looney Labs and has designed or co-designed several Pyramid games and versions of the hit game Fluxx.

Mary Ellroy | Connecticut

Mary starting working in the game and toy field in 1990 when she sold her first game to Mattel, and she has more than 30 published toys and games. She works as a consultant and agent who will show your games to Mattel and Hasbro if it meets their criteria.

Erica Hayes-Bouyouris | Ontario


Erica is co-designer of Roar, Ink Monsters, Bosk, and several other forthcoming games. You can also catch her on Meeple Syrup.

Naomi Clark | New York


Naomi is a game scholar and designer at the NYU Game Center. Her 2014 card game Consentacle explores sexuality and consent. She is also author of the book A Game Design Vocabulary: Exploring the Foundational Principles Behind Good Game Design.

Helaina Cappel | Ontario

@kidstablebg, @burntislandgm

Helaina is founder of two publishing companies, Kids' Table and Burnt Island. Her co-designed games include Food Fighter and Haunt the House.

Colleen Macklin | New York


Colleen is a game designer and Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design . She is a founder of PETLab, which develops games for experimental learning and social engagement, and of Local No. 12, a game design collective. She is co-author of the books Games, Design and Play and Iterate: Ten Lessons in Design and Failure.

Jennifer Graham-Macht | NJ


Jennifer owned a game store, then became a marketing consultant and Marketing Director for Keymaster Games. She co-designed the upcoming release Kibble Scuffle.

Pam Walls | Ontario


Pam designed the party game Hold That Face, published by Hasbro, and has more underway. She's been helping connect women designers on the Board Game Broads Facebook group.

Heather O'Neill | Pennsylvania


Heather is CEO of Ninth Level Games, and has co-designed titles including Meeple Party and Schrodinger's Cats.

Catherine Croft Swanwick | Virginia


Catherine is co-founder of Catlilli Games, which focuses on educational STEM games. She's also got a PhD in neuroscience.

Shannon McDowell | Ontario


Shannon is an escape room designer and researcher with an escape room game forthcoming from Maple Games, as well as other games under development.

Nicole Amato | Pennsylvania


Nicole is co-designer of Atari's Centipede (the boardgame), Lazer Ryderz, Resistor, and more games on the way.

Catherine Stipell | New York


Catherine made a big splash with her innovative game Nyctophobia, where all but one player play blindfolded.

MaryMartha Ford-Dieng | New York


MaryMartha created the party game The Ultimate Clap Back.

Kelly North Adams | Florida


Kelly's games include Veggie Garden, Chibi Quest, and Musical Chairs. She is one of the people featured in the documentary The Game Designers.

Heather Wilson | Massachusetts


Heather works in mobile games and designs both RPGs and board games. She's COO of 9th Level Games and co-designer of Schrödinger’s Cats.

Sydney Engelstein | NJ


Sydney co-designed The Dragon and Flagon, Space Cadets and Survive: Space Attack! She's a developer for Stronghold Games.

Cassie Friedman | Florida


Cassie wears many hats in the industry: reviewer with The Indie Game Report, localization manager for Letiman Games, and designer. Her game Wizard Shelf is coming out in 2019 and there are more in the works!

Traci Van Wagoner | New York

@itdnyc , @TraciVanWagoner

Traci's co-designs include Ninja Squirrels and Rooster Race. She also works as an illustrator and children's book author.

Adrienne Smith | Massachusetts

@BlitzChampz , @adriennethe10

Adrienne is a tackle football player who created Blitz Champz, a card game about football that sneaks in some math skills for kids.

Lindsey Rode | Pennsylvania


Lindsey is creative director for Dog Might Games, and designer of the game Countdown: Action Edition.

Diane Sauer | New Jersey


Diane is the co-designer of Pinball Showdown, Bigfoot vs Yeti, and Born to Serve. She also runs a business that restores pinball machines!

Gwen Ruelle | New York


Gwen is half of Runaway Parade Games, designers of recently Kickstarted game Fire Tower.

Sarah Farber | New York

@sarafarber, @GalacticSneeze

Sarah is the co-founder of Galactic Sneeze, creators of family game Schmovie and adult party game Spank the Yeti. She has worked for Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Spin Master, and Sesame Workshop.

Adi Slepack | New York


Adi is one of three women (with Ellie Black and Liz Roche) behind the game Someone Has Died, which they successfully Kickstarted.

Nashra Balagamwala | New York


Nashra worked at Hasbro before designing the indie game Arranged -- a commentary on arranged marriage that received extensive press coverage -- and several other games drawing on her experiences as a Pakistani and an artist.

Morgane Gouyon-Rety | Quebec


Morgane is the designer of Volume VIII in GMT’s COIN Series: Pendragon – The Fall of Roman Britain.

Rita Orlov | New York


Rita Orlov is getting rave reviews for her epic narrative puzzle adventure, The Tale of Ord.

Joan Wendland | New Jersey


Joan founded Blood and Cardstock games in 2002. Her designs include What Would Who Do, Dim Sum Derby, and Counting Zzzzs.

Christina Pittre | Pennsylvania


Christina's first game, On the Rocks, will be on Kickstarter in 2019.

Emily Escovar | New York

@emilyescovar , @PluckOffGame

Emily's first game is Pluck Off, a set-collecting parody of city life featuring pigeon characters and limericks.

Colleen Skadl | New York

Colleen is the co-designer of several games including Red Dragon Inn, En Garde, and Kung Fu Fighting.

Maia & Athia Strohm | Pennsylvania

Maia and Athia designed their first game, Wild, when they were in 3rd and 7th grade. Their trading card game Edge of Extinction is now available for sale in several US National Parks.

Molly Zeff | New York


Molly co-designed Wing It: The Game of Extreme Storytelling.

Fertessa Scott | Georgia

@Fertessa , @BookofVillainy

Fertessa's game Book of Villainy was a finalist in the Board Game Workshop contest in 2018.

Karen Boginski | Florida

Karen is co-designer of the games Renaissance Wars and Tournament at Camelot.

Bonnie Neubauer | Pennsylvania


Bonnie is an author, writing teacher, grief coach, and game designer. Her first published game will be ADJitation from Breaking Games.

Rebecca Vessenes | Massachusetts

Rebecca co-designed The Phoenix Syndicate, published by Asmadi Games. She was also a core playtester for Innovation and Glory to Rome.

Violet Hargrave | Connecticut


Violet primarily writes tabletop RPG material, but also co-designed IDW's Missile Command and several self-published board games. (We're not related!)

Allison Parrish | New York


Allison is a computer programmer, poet, and game designer whose teaching and practice look at the intersection between language and computers. She codesigned Rewordable, a word building game where the units of play are cards with sequences of letters.

Jessica Creane | Pennsylvania


Jessica designs infinite tabletop games (Schrödinger's Cat) and game-theater experiences (Chaos Theory, R&J), including collaboration with the National Parks Service and teaching game design at Drexel University.

Marja Erwin | Virginia

Marja is the designer of Tatchanka, forthcoming from Legion Wargames.

Designers: Germany

Inka Brand | Germany

Inka has over 40 published co-designs with her husband. They include Village -- which won the 2012 Kennerspiel des Jahres -- many titles in the Exit series, and more.

Andrea Meyer | Germany


Andrea is the owner of BeWitched-Spiele and designer of many games, including Linq and Ad Acta. She also helps organize an annual game designer conference.

Doris Matthäus | Germany

Doris is a board game illustrator (Carcassonne, Bohnanza, more) and designer. Her game designs include Frank's Zoo, Primordial Soup, and Mü & More.

Anja Wrede | Germany

Anja has has designed dozens of childrens' games since 1995, and opened her own publishing company, Edition Siebenschläfer, in 2009.

Sophia Wagner | Germany

Sophia won a Spiel des Jahres fellowship in 2015: a mentorship program for unpublished game designers. Her first game Noria made a splash in 2017, and she followed up in 2018 with the Boldest.

Karen Seyfarth | Germany

Karen has co-designer credit for Thurn and Taxis, which won the Spiel des Jahres in 2006. Her husband Andreas has said that she helped with all of his designs, including hit titles like Puerto Rico.

Karin Hetling | Germany

Karin won the Spiel des Jahres scholarship in 2011, and went on to be nominated for the Kinderspiel des Jahres in 2015 for her game Schatz-Rabatz. She has several other published children's games.

Lena Burkhardt | Germany

Lena is co-designer of Dragon's Breath, which won the 2018 Kinderspiel des Jahres. Her other titles include Schnapp die Schatze and Gardens of Versailles.

Carmen Kleinert | Germany

Carmen won the 2011 Kinderspiel des Jahres for her game Da ist der Wurm drin (There's the worm in it). She has several other published children's games.

Kristin Mückel | Germany

Kristin is the designer of Unicorn Glitterluck, Animal Upon Animal: Here We Turn, Number Dinosaur, and several other games for children.

Kirsten Hiese | Germany

Kirsten has over 20 published games for children. In 2016 she branched out into games for an older audience with Kerala.

Apolline Jove | Germany/France

Apolline is a French designer living in Germany. The idea for her first game, Farben, came from a language-class exercise that associated colors with words.

Rita Modl | Germany

Rita is a photographer and game designer. Her first game, Men at Work, came out in 2018.

Katja Stremmel | Germany

Katja's first game, Krass Kariert (Cross Checked) was named Fairplay magazine's A La Carte prize for card game of the year in 2018.

Andrea Boennen | Germany

Andrea designed the games Floris and Nova. In her day job, she is an equal opportunity officer for her local government, working on issues related to women in the workforce.

Brigitte Ditt | Germany

Brigitte has several co-designs including Big Points, Nautilus, and Solaris. She also has written for the Spielbox, Germany's biggest game magazine.

Designers: United Kingdom

Leslie Scott | England


Leslie Scott's Jenga has sold 80 million copies. She has designed dozens of other games, including Ex Libris.

Rena Nathanson | England

Rena designed Bananagrams with her family and is now CEO of the company, having sold more than 6 million copies.

Maureen Hiron | England

Maureen’s game Continuo has sold over 6 million copies since its 1982 release. She has over 70 published games including 7 Ate 9, Cosmic Cows, and the new Hochspannung.

Hazel Reynolds | England


Hazel is head of Gamely Games and designer of multiple games. Her game Randomise has sold over 50,000 copies and was featured on the venture capital show Dragon's Den in December 2018.

Sophie Williams | England


Sophie is co-designer of the games Hellboy and Newbury and Hobbes.

Janice Turner | England


Janice is co-founder of Wren Games. They had a successful 2018 Kickstarter for their game Assembly, and have several more in development.

Rose Atkinson | England


Rose is a developer at Inside the Box Games and has co-design credits on Aquanauts, Mars Rover, Crypt X, and NewSpeak.

Sarah Kennington | Scotland


Sarah is co-designer of ORE-SOME and Microbrew, which she published through her company One Free Elephant.

Bez Shahriari | England


Bez's first game was picked up by Gigamic and is now published in 11+ languages as Yogi. Others include the game system Wibbell++ and Kitty Cataclysm. She also works as a developer for Alley Cat Games.

Ruth Veevers | England


Ruth saw her first co-design come out in 2018: Cryptid, a deduction game about hunting for bizarre and elusive creatures.

Karen Rubins | England


Karen is a comics artist who designed Comic Turns, a storytelling game in which players arrange cards with comic panels on them.

Jen Carey | Ireland

@JenuinePanic , @Fickle_games

Jen worked in computer games before starting Fickle Games in 2015. She successfully Kickstarted the party game Rampunctious in 2017.

Angela Dickens | England


Angela designed Gobblin' Gobblins and the forthcoming Arkosa, published through her company Toon Hammer Games.

Katalin Nimmerfroh | England


Kate is a Hungarian artist and game designer living in England. Her co-designs include [redacted] and Days of Ire: Budapest 1956.

Caitlin Russell | England


Cait is designer of Pirates of Penryn - which started as a small personal post parenthood project and ended with a successfully fulfilled Kickstarter.

Kate Jenkins | England


Kate is co-designer of Gutterhead, billed as "Pictionary meets Cards Against Humanity."

Designers: France

Marie Cardouat | France


Marie is best known for having illustrated the award-winning game Dixit. But she is also a designer: her game Hop! was published in 2016.

Sylvie Barc | France


In 1982, Sylvie's first game was published under the design team “Los Rodriguez”. She has more than 40 published games and her own publishing company, La Haute Roche.

Peggy Chassenet | France

Peggy is the co-designer of the award-winning game T.I.M.E. Stories.

Charlotte Filloneau | France

Charlotte is a board game illustrator and designer. Her game El Capitan has been translated into over 30 languages. Her most recent title is Check List.

Marie Fort | France

Marie has co-designed over a dozen published board games for children, including Splash, Oh My Gold, and Snail Sprint.

Agnès Largeaud | France

Agnès says she started designing games because she was so dissatisfied with the choices for her own children. Her games include The Pied Piper and Abracademo.

Nathalie Saunier | France

Natalie's co-design Twin It! was nominated for the As d'Or for best game of 2018 in France. Her other titles include Flooping and Fishing Day.

Annick Lobet | France

Annick has several published games including Stratopolis and Traffic. Her legacy version of the game Zombie Kidz won the French As d'Or for best children's game in 2018.

Mathilde Spriet | France

Mathilde worked at Gigamic for years before publishing her first game, In Your Head (aka Focus).

Catherine Dumas | France

Catherine is co-designer of Vikings on Board, Gentleman Thieves, and Masques.

Nathalie Grandperrin | France

Nathalie co-designed two games with Bruno Faidutti: Animal Suspect and Speed Dating.

Laurence Gamelin | France

Laurence co-designed Hellapagos (Galèrapagos), recently released by Gigamic,

Christine Larquetout | France

Christine is the designer of Toutilix, a set of several different games that can be played with a deck of letters,

Ivy Colin | France

Ivy Colin co-designed Magic Cooking, released in 2013 by Robin Red Games.

Steffanie Yeakle| France


Steffanie is an American filmmaker, photographer and boardgame designer who lives in Paris. She worked for Mattell and Creata before becoming an independent designer. Her codesigns with Marie Chaplet include Paul and the Moon, Le Jour Qui Rend Super Happy, and several others.

Marie Chaplet | France

Marie designs with Steffanie Yeakle under the name Les Fées Hilares. Their codesigns include Paul and the Moon, Le Jour Qui Rend Super Happy, and several others.

Camille Boissel | France


Camille is an astronomer and science communicator. Her game Nebula is forthcoming from Exod Games.

Emmanuelle Piard and Barbara Turquier | France

Emmanuelle and Barbara are sisters and codesigners of the board game Et Toque!, in which players use erasable boards and magnetic tiles to make menus for crazy scenarios.

Designers: Rest of Europe

Flaminia Brasini | Italy

Flaminia co-designed hot 2018 title Coimbra. She was also part of the Acchittocca team that designed Lorenzo il Magnifico, Egizia, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Stefania Niccolini | Italy

Stefania has been designing board games for over a decade. Her co-designs include ZhanGuo, Railroad Revolution, the Long Road, Rhein: River Trade, and more.

Elisa Lenardi | Italy

Elisa is part of Spaceballoon Games and co-designer of Brides and Bribes.

Marta Ciaccasassi | Italy


Marta is a game designer, developer and Kickstarter consultant. Her co-designs include Mysthea and Barbarians: The Invasion.

Sheila Santos | Spain


Sheila co-designed Aloha Pioha, Mondrian: The Dice Game, and Ramen, with several more forthcoming.

Sandra Santiago | Spain


Sandra's first game, Circus, won a Spanish "best unpublished game" award, the Concurso de Protos, and will be released in 2019.

Judit Hurtado | Spain

Judit is co-designer of Bedouin, Haftlings, and 10 Negritos.

Nuria Casellas | Spain


Nuria is designer of Endless Pass: A Viking Saga, released in 2018. With her company Cucafera Games she also designed a "passport" that helps people find all of the dragons in Barcelona!

Paz Navarro Moreno | Spain


Paz designed the game MONSTArgh! She is also part of the podcast Ya Nos Toca?!.

Valle Pacheco | Spain

Valle designed and illustrated No Game Over, a card game inspired by the world of video games.

Ledha Guerova | Bulgaria

Ledha is co-designer of the heavy deckbuilder-and-miniatures game BATTALIA.

Agnieszka Kopera | Romania


Agnieszka started NSKN, now merged with Board and Dice Games. She co-designed Exodus: Proxima Centauri and Progress: Evolution of Technology.

Åse Berg | Norway

Åse is co-designer of Rattus, Packet Row, Oregon, and Galapagos. She’s also an organist and choir leader.

Emelie Van Rodin | Sweden


Emelie's first game, State of Wonder, is a 4x card game that started as a school project.

Liesbeth Bos | Netherlands


Liesbeth has dozens of published games for children, but says her design interest is starting to shift toward heavier games. She also works as a localization agent for board game publishers.

Chislaine van den Bulk | Netherlands

Dutch designer Chislaine van den Bulk has eight published games, including Lino, Hands, and Bonje in de stal.

Natalia Wojtowicz | Netherlands


Natalia is a wargamer who designs simulations for the Civil-Military Cooperation Center of Excellence in the Hague. She has also designed a wargame intended for the hobby market.

Designers: Australia and New Zealand

Amanda Milne | New Zealand


Amanda co-designed Komodo, Raid the Pantry, Kenakalan, Granny Wars and Manifest with Julia Schiller. She now runs SchilMil Games, the company they co-founded.

Julia Schiller | New Zealand


Julia split off from SchilMil to create Cheeky Parrot Games. In addition to the games she co-designed with Amanda Milne, she recently put out Hoard.

Sye Robertson | Australia


Sye is an artist and graphic designer who is behind the Art & Graphic Design for Tabletop Games Facebook group. Their published games include Lightspeed, Just Chocolate, and Robots & Rockets.

Claire Ahuiri-Dunning | New Zealand

Claire is a playwright and game designer whose first boardgame, Cat Capers, explored what cats do while their owners are away. She's Kickstarting a visual novel that combines her love of cats and Shakespeare.

Designers: Middle East

Ora Coster | Israel

Ora's decades-long game designing career has included several mass-market hits, including Zingo and Guess Who?

Miriam Lottner | Israel


Miriam creates kids’ STEM games including Qurious and Monster X.

Danna Banki | Israel

Danna is an illustrator and game designer who designs primarily for children and families. Her designs include Selfie Speed, Face to Face, and the co-op Snow Snow.

Designers: Asia

Yu-Chen Tseng | Taiwan

Yu-Chen is the co-designer of Burano.

Christina Ng Zhen Wei | Singapore

Christina's co-designs include Race for the Chinese Zodiac and Three Kingdoms Redux.

Wai Mei Theresa Syn | Singapore

Theresa designed and illustrated the game The Singaporean Dream, a satirical game about all of the things she and her friends were striving for. After the initial Kickstarter, it was picked up by the publisher SGAG.

Lisa Matsuoka | Japan

@ unigames_info

Lisa designed 真贋のはざまで (Shingan no hazama de), a bluffing auction game designed to teach western art history. An English edition is scheduled to be released in 2019, titled The Blackmarket.

Elisa Tanaka | Japan

@ piemaru

Elisa co-designed 閻魔裁判 (Last Judgment), a game that involves stacking small wooden blocks in order to remember good deeds and advance toward having a better life in the next life.

Kujira Nagisa | Japan


Kujira designed CMYK!, a colorful real-time tile-laying game, and Nebuta Beat, a card-driven dancing game.

Aya Matsunaga | Japan

Aya is a Japanese game designer and artist. She is also an Administrator of the Japanese board game site, ボドゲーマ (Boardgamer). Her games include BodoCa, Loving Penguin, and Ubergang des Barocks.

Madoka Kitao | Japan


Madoka is a professional Shogi player and has been very active in getting girls and women to play. The first game she designed was a small Shogi variant for children named Dōbutsu Shōgi (Let's Catch the Lion!). Others include Nanahoshi and Ten. She runs Nekomado.

Rameru Suzuno | Japan

Rameru designed and illustrated Shupicchi General Election and Ramet Summit. She is also a board game idol and singer.

Kotori | Japan


Kotori is part of the Phantom Lab design studio. Her games include Frog Stack, Heureka, and Astrios.

Kuon | Japan

@ kuondou

Kuon is a game designer and illustrator who says she aims to make adorable packages and easy-to-understand rules especially aimed at girls and beginners. Her company Kuondou also makes game-related accessories and TRPG t-shirts. Her games include Cat Nap, The Tribute of Prince Giuliano, and Cake Buffet.

Peke | Japan


Peke is part of the indie publishing house Takamagahara. Her many games include Alpaca Pacapaca, Cinderella Magic, and Fly! Kiwi!

Kanty Kusmayanty| Indonesia


Kanty is co-founder and COO of the Kumara game design studio. She designed the card game Mashup Monsters and has also designed games for Android.

Diah Rahmawati | Indonesia

Diah co-designed Pagelaran Yogyakarta, in which players manage Javanese theaters entertaining tourists.

Lovita Darwin | Indonesia

Lovita co-designed the boardgames Flipeek: Medieval and Stocktastic. She co-founded Coralis Game Studio., which also does mobile games

Fitriani Naim | Indonesia


Feira has co-designed two published games: Balloon and Le Voleur. She co-founded the design studio FeiraTochi.

Mega Jauhari | Indonesia

Mega created her game Main Makin Kaya to educate young people about running a business.

Annisa Hasanah | Indonesia


Annisa is a social entrepreneur who designed Ecofunopoly with the goal of fostering stronger green behavior. She has received several international and national awards for her work.

Anggreini Pratiwi | Indonesia


Anggi is the deisgner of Orang Rimba, a game about a local tribe threatened by illegal logging.

Lana Inagaki | Japan

Lana published her first game at the age of 9 in 2017. Her self-published Oboenasaikoro was picked up by Korean publisher Happy Baobab for release at Essen 2019.

Sora Takeda | Japan

@ takendasora

Sora has been designing and illustrating board games since 2013. Her titles include Twinkle Trick Spirit, King Mouse's Arithmetic Poker, and Nekotsubo-Soroe! Her current passion is cat-themed games.

Sayaka Amioka | Japan


Sayaka is part of KogeKogeDo. She designed Takara Island, The Little Witches and the Mysterious House, Witch's Coming! and Workshop Tonttu.

Aiko Oyama | Japan


Aiko codesigns with Toru Oyama as NANAWARI. Their games include Polarich and Madrino.

Designers: Latin America

Samanta Geraldini | Brazil


Samanta co-designed the games Cafe Express, Cartas a Vapor, and New Eden Project. and co-founded the company Potato Cat Games. She also works as a mobile game developer.

Bianca Melyna | Brazil


Bianca is a co-founder of Moby Studios and co-designer of the games Grasse and Overdrive. She also works as a translator and proofreader.

Notable Past Designers

Dorothy Garrels

Dorothy was a co-designer on Scotland Yard, winner of the 1983 Spiel des Jahres.

Suzanne Goldberg

Suzanne was co-designer of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, winner of the 1985 Spiel des Jahres.

Ann Stambler | Massachusetts

Ann is one of the co-founders of Gamewright, and co-designed many of their popular games in the 1990s, including Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Go Away Monster, and Frog Juice.

Jennifer Schlickbernd | California


Jen co-designed Advanced Civilization (1991). She was one of the early US proponents of German games in the 1980s, and one of the first people to get a DCI number for Magic: The Gathering. She remains an active gamer and BGG user.

Linda Mosca

Linda Mosca was a staff member for SPI in the mid-‘70s. She published Battle of the Wilderness, Rocroi (a Thirty Years War “quad” game), and Gondor.

Elizabeth Magie Phillips

Lizzie self-published The Landlord's Game in 1905. Although she had patented the game, Charles Darrow began selling it as Monopoly in 1935 without crediting her or paying royalties. Parker Brothers paid both Darrow and Magie for the rights to the game.

Eleanor Abbot

Eleanor was a schoolteacher who contracted polio in 1948, when she was in her 30s. She created Candy Land as entertainment for the younger occupants of the polio ward. It still sells a million copies per year.

Stephanie Rohner

Stephanie designed dozens of games from the 1980s until about 2010. Her co-design Klondike won the 2001 Kinderspiel des Jahres.

Virginia Charves

Virginia won the Kinderspiel des Jahres in 1990 for her game My Haunted Castle. She had dozens of other published designs, including the recently re-released Mole in the Hole (Die Maulwurf Company Mitbringspiel).

Carol Wiseley

Carol designed Loopin' Louie, winner of the 1994 Kinderspiel des Jahres.