Women and Nonbinary Game Designers: Asia, Oceania, and Africa

In 2018, only 7 games of the top 200 on Board Game Geek had a non-male designer involved. (It's now up to 10.) I got tired of being called "one of very few non-male board game designers," so I started compiling a list and ended up with over 200 women with published games.

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East Asia

Elisa Tanaka | Japan

@ piemaru

Elisa co-designed 閻魔裁判 (Last Judgment), a game that involves stacking small wooden blocks in order to remember good deeds and advance toward having a better life in the next life.

Kujira Nagisa | Japan


Kujira designed CMYK!, a colorful real-time tile-laying game, and Nebuta Beat, a card-driven dancing game.

Aya Matsunaga | Japan

Aya is a Japanese game designer and artist. She is also an Administrator of the Japanese board game site, ボドゲーマ (Boardgamer). Her games include BodoCa, Loving Penguin, and Ubergang des Barocks.

Madoka Kitao | Japan


Madoka is a professional Shogi player and has been very active in getting girls and women to play. The first game she designed was a small Shogi variant for children named Dōbutsu Shōgi (Let's Catch the Lion!). Others include Nanahoshi and Ten. She runs Nekomado.

Rameru Suzuno | Japan

Rameru designed and illustrated Shupicchi General Election and Ramet Summit. She is also a board game idol and singer.

Kotori | Japan


Kotori is part of the Phantom Lab design studio. Her games include Frog Stack, Heureka, and Astrios.

Kuon | Japan

@ kuondou

Kuon is a game designer and illustrator who says she aims to make adorable packages and easy-to-understand rules especially aimed at girls and beginners. Her company Kuondou also makes game-related accessories and TRPG t-shirts. Her games include Cat Nap, The Tribute of Prince Giuliano, and Cake Buffet.

Peke | Japan


Peke is part of the indie publishing house Takamagahara. Her many games include Alpaca Pacapaca, Cinderella Magic, and Fly! Kiwi!

Lisa Matsuoka | Japan

@ unigames_info

Lisa designed 真贋のはざまで (Shingan no hazama de), a bluffing auction game designed to teach western art history. An English edition is scheduled to be released in 2019, titled The Blackmarket.

Sora Takeda | Japan

@ takendasora

Sora has been designing and illustrating board games since 2013. Her titles include Twinkle Trick Spirit, King Mouse's Arithmetic Poker, and Nekotsubo-Soroe! Her current passion is cat-themed games.

Sayaka Amioka | Japan


Sayaka is part of KogeKogeDo. She designed Takara Island, The Little Witches and the Mysterious House, Witch's Coming! and Workshop Tonttu.

Aiko Oyama | Japan


Aiko codesigns with Toru Oyama as NANAWARI. Their games include Polarich and Madrino.

Lana Inagaki | Japan

Lana published her first game at the age of 9 in 2017. Her self-published Oboenasaikoro was picked up by Korean publisher Happy Baobab for release at Essen 2019.

Yu-Chen Tseng | Taiwan

Yu-Chen is the co-designer of Burano.

Aya Taguchi | Japan

Aya has co-designed several games, including Little Town, which was nominated for the Cannes As d'Or in 2020. Others include Skylands, Terrible Monster, Mystery Homes, and Goods Maker.

Azumi Date | Japan


Azumi is owner of a board game cafe, Asobi Cafe, and a Catan blog. She has designed the game Cattack! No. 1, a game about cats playing volleyball.

Southeast Asia

Christina Ng Zhen Wei | Singapore

Christina's co-designs include Race for the Chinese Zodiac and Three Kingdoms Redux.

Wai Mei Theresa Syn | Singapore

Theresa designed and illustrated the game The Singaporean Dream, a satirical game about all of the things she and her friends were striving for. After the initial Kickstarter, it was picked up by the publisher SGAG.

Diah Rahmawati | Indonesia

Diah co-designed Pagelaran Yogyakarta, in which players manage Javanese theaters entertaining tourists.

Kanty Kusmayanty| Indonesia


Kanty is co-founder and COO of the Kumara game design studio. She designed the card game Mashup Monsters and has also designed games for Android.

Anggreini Pratiwi | Indonesia


Anggi is the deisgner of Orang Rimba, a game about a local tribe threatened by illegal logging.

Mega Jauhari | Indonesia

Mega created her game Main Makin Kaya to educate young people about running a business.

Lovita Darwin | Indonesia

Lovita co-designed the boardgames Flipeek: Medieval and Stocktastic. She co-founded Coralis Game Studio., which also does mobile games

Fitriani Naim | Indonesia


Feira has co-designed two published games: Balloon and Le Voleur. She co-founded the design studio FeiraTochi.

Annisa Hasanah | Indonesia


Annisa is a social entrepreneur who designed Ecofunopoly with the goal of fostering stronger green behavior. She has received several international and national awards for her work.

Goh Choon Ean | Malaysia

Goh is a photographer, filmmaker and game designer. Her first game, Kaki Lima, is about pedestrians navigating Penang's George Town market.

Lilian Lee | Singapore

Lillian is the creator of Say What, a card game for language fans to have fun with a range of languages including Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, Singlish, and Japanese.

Australia and New Zealand

Amanda Milne | New Zealand


Amanda co-designed Komodo, Raid the Pantry, Kenakalan, Granny Wars and Manifest with Julia Schiller. She now runs SchilMil Games, the company they co-founded.

Julia Schiller | New Zealand


Julia split off from SchilMil to create Cheeky Parrot Games. In addition to the games she co-designed with Amanda Milne, she recently put out Hoard.

Sye Robertson | Australia


Sye is an artist and graphic designer who is behind the Art & Graphic Design for Tabletop Games Facebook group. Their published games include Lightspeed, Just Chocolate, and Robots & Rockets.

Claire Ahuiri-Dunning | NZ


Claire is a playwright and game designer whose first boardgame, Cat Capers, explored what cats do while their owners are away. She also published a visual novel that combines her love of cats and Shakespeare.

Nic Petty | New Zealand


Nic (aka Dr Nic) wants to build a world of mathematicians through her social enterprise, Creative Maths. Her games include The Cat Pack, The Dragon Games, Multy Facty and Fraction Action.

Middle East

Ora Coster | Israel

Ora's decades-long game designing career has included several mass-market hits, including Zingo and Guess Who?

Miriam Lottner | Israel


Miriam creates kids’ STEM games including Qurious and Monster X.

Danna Banki | Israel

Danna is an illustrator and game designer who designs primarily for children and families. Her designs include Selfie Speed, Face to Face, and the co-op Snow Snow.


Yeside Osuolale | Nigeria

Yeside is the Creative Lead at Forerunner Games, a tabletop games company in Nigeria.