Tussie Mussie

Tussie Mussie is an 18-card game that was inspired by the Victorian language of flowers: a fad that saw people publishing entire dictionaries about what it means to give different flowers to your friends and loved ones.

At its heart is an I-Split-You-Choose mechanic: on your turn, you'll draw 2 cards and offer one face-up and another face-down to your neighbor. The neighbor takes their choice and you get the other one back.

Each card has a different way that it scores, looking for other things in your collection of flowers. Faced with two cards that affect you and your neighbor differently, which one will you put face-up and which will you put face-down?

After everyone has 4 cards, face-down cards are revealed and everyone scores their collection. After 3 rounds the scores are totaled to determine a winner!

Available from Button Shy Games

Or print your own from PNP Arcade

Nominee for Golden Geek Awards: Best Card Game

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