Women and Nonbinary Game Designers: Asia, Oceania, and Africa

In 2018, only 7 games of the top 200 on Board Game Geek had a non-male designer involved. (It's now up to 10.) I got tired of being called "one of very few non-male board game designers," so I started compiling a list and ended up with over 200 women with published games.

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East Asia

Elisa Tanaka | Japan

@ piemaru

Elisa co-designed 閻魔裁判 (Last Judgment), a game that involves stacking small wooden blocks in order to remember good deeds and advance toward having a better life in the next life.

Kujira Nagisa | Japan


Kujira designed CMYK!, a colorful real-time tile-laying game, and Nebuta Beat, a card-driven dancing game.

Aya Matsunaga | Japan

Aya is a Japanese game designer and artist. She is also an Administrator of the Japanese board game site, ボドゲーマ (Boardgamer). Her games include BodoCa, Loving Penguin, and Ubergang des Barocks.

Madoka Kitao | Japan


Madoka is a professional Shogi player and has been very active in getting girls and women to play. The first game she designed was a small Shogi variant for children named Dōbutsu Shōgi (Let's Catch the Lion!). Others include Nanahoshi and Ten. She runs Nekomado.

Rameru Suzuno | Japan

Rameru designed and illustrated Shupicchi General Election and Ramet Summit. She is also a board game idol and singer.

Kotori | Japan


Kotori is part of the Phantom Lab design studio. Her games include Frog Stack, Heureka, and Astrios.

Kuon | Japan

@ kuondou

Kuon is a game designer and illustrator who says she aims to make adorable packages and easy-to-understand rules especially aimed at girls and beginners. Her company Kuondou also makes game-related accessories and TRPG t-shirts. Her games include Cat Nap, The Tribute of Prince Giuliano, and Cake Buffet.

Peke | Japan


Peke is part of the indie publishing house Takamagahara. Her many games include Alpaca Pacapaca, Cinderella Magic, and Fly! Kiwi!

Lisa Matsuoka | Japan

@ unigames_info

Lisa designed 真贋のはざまで (Shingan no hazama de), a bluffing auction game designed to teach western art history. An English edition is scheduled to be released in 2019, titled The Blackmarket.

Sora Takeda | Japan

@ takendasora

Sora has been designing and illustrating board games since 2013. Her titles include Twinkle Trick Spirit, King Mouse's Arithmetic Poker, and Nekotsubo-Soroe! Her current passion is cat-themed games.

Sayaka Amioka | Japan


Sayaka is part of KogeKogeDo. She designed Takara Island, The Little Witches and the Mysterious House, Witch's Coming! and Workshop Tonttu.

Aiko Oyama | Japan


Aiko codesigns with Toru Oyama as NANAWARI. Their games include Polarich and Madrino.

Lana Inagaki | Japan

Lana published her first game at the age of 9 in 2017. Her self-published Oboenasaikoro was picked up by Korean publisher Happy Baobab for release at Essen 2019.

Yu-Chen Tseng | Taiwan

Yu-Chen is the co-designer of Burano.

Aya Taguchi | Japan

Aya has co-designed several games, including Little Town, which was nominated for the Cannes As d'Or in 2020. Others include Skylands, Terrible Monster, Mystery Homes, and Goods Maker.

Azumi Date | Japan


Azumi is owner of a board game cafe, Asobi Cafe, and a Catan blog. She has designed the game Cattack! No. 1, a game about cats playing volleyball.

Southeast Asia

Christina Ng Zhen Wei | Singapore

Christina's co-designs include Race for the Chinese Zodiac and Three Kingdoms Redux.

Wai Mei Theresa Syn | Singapore

Theresa designed and illustrated the game The Singaporean Dream, a satirical game about all of the things she and her friends were striving for. After the initial Kickstarter, it was picked up by the publisher SGAG.

Diah Rahmawati | Indonesia

Diah co-designed Pagelaran Yogyakarta, in which players manage Javanese theaters entertaining tourists.

Kanty Kusmayanty| Indonesia


Kanty is co-founder and COO of the Kumara game design studio. She designed the card game Mashup Monsters and has also designed games for Android.

Anggreini Pratiwi | Indonesia


Anggi is the deisgner of Orang Rimba, a game about a local tribe threatened by illegal logging.

Mega Jauhari | Indonesia

Mega created her game Main Makin Kaya to educate young people about running a business.

Lovita Darwin | Indonesia

Lovita co-designed the boardgames Flipeek: Medieval and Stocktastic. She co-founded Coralis Game Studio., which also does mobile games

Fitriani Naim | Indonesia


Feira has co-designed two published games: Balloon and Le Voleur. She co-founded the design studio FeiraTochi.

Annisa Hasanah | Indonesia


Annisa is a social entrepreneur who designed Ecofunopoly with the goal of fostering stronger green behavior. She has received several international and national awards for her work.

Goh Choon Ean | Malaysia

Goh is a photographer, filmmaker and game designer. Her first game, Kaki Lima, is about pedestrians navigating Penang's George Town market.

Lilian Lee | Singapore

Lillian is the creator of Say What, a card game for language fans to have fun with a range of languages including Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, Singlish, and Japanese.

South Asia

Saishraddha | India

Sai is founder of Studio Psysai. Her first games are Banana Banana and Honeyscouts. She has also worked on games in the educational sector.

Australia and New Zealand

Amanda Milne | New Zealand


Amanda co-designed Komodo, Raid the Pantry, Kenakalan, Granny Wars and Manifest with Julia Schiller. She now runs SchilMil Games, the company they co-founded.

Julia Schiller | New Zealand


Julia split off from SchilMil to create Cheeky Parrot Games. In addition to the games she co-designed with Amanda Milne, she recently put out Hoard.

Sye Robertson | Australia


Sye is an artist and graphic designer who is behind the Art & Graphic Design for Tabletop Games Facebook group. Their published games include Lightspeed, Just Chocolate, and Robots & Rockets.

Claire Ahuiri-Dunning | NZ


Claire is a playwright and game designer whose first boardgame, Cat Capers, explored what cats do while their owners are away. She also published a visual novel that combines her love of cats and Shakespeare.

Nic Petty | New Zealand


Nic (aka Dr Nic) wants to build a world of mathematicians through her social enterprise, Creative Maths. Her games include The Cat Pack, The Dragon Games, Multy Facty and Fraction Action.

Middle East

Ora Coster | Israel

Ora's decades-long game designing career has included several mass-market hits, including Zingo and Guess Who?

Miriam Lottner | Israel


Miriam creates kids’ STEM games including Qurious and Monster X.

Danna Banki | Israel

Danna is an illustrator and game designer who designs primarily for children and families. Her designs include Selfie Speed, Face to Face, and the co-op Snow Snow.


Yeside Osuolale | Nigeria

Yeside is the Creative Lead at Forerunner Games, a tabletop games company in Nigeria.